About Blake - Sixth Sense Photo

About Blake

Hello and welcome to Sixth Sense Photo! My name is Blake Zimmerman or BZ for short. I live in Canada, work in the IT industry in the educational sector. I am a self professed geek and love the various arts to boot.

Photography is my passion. I love making photos, doing the edits and learning things and constantly trying to improve my skills. I am also working hard on giving back to those amazing people who have helped me learn, and to the community that has been open and supportive of my work. the blog portion of the site covers a lot of that project.

As for my photography, I am very much not a specialized photographer, but try to excel at all types. I have done weddings, events, landscapes, street photography, etc. and I love each opportunity I get.

I am the originator of Sixth Sense Photo, and am in the process of turning this into a profession. This is all because of a wonderful, imaginative, and brilliant photographer, Isabel Kelly, befriended me through a Day Tripper Photo trip, and together we're embarking on this new chapter. Her  eye for composition and lighting is amazing. And now, we have a third, Stephanie Sullivan. Our friendship has come from Day Tripper Photo, and from the same trip! She wasn't able to make the rescheduled date, so her and I went up a couple of weeks later. 

So please join us on this journey of discovery, open up our senses, and hopefully we can all feel and learn something. :)