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Beauty should be sensed, not explained

Sixth Sense Photo is undergoing an evolution again. Years ago, it was started with two of my friends, Isabel Kelly, and Stephanie Hall. Since then, we've all gone our separate ways, and the last few years I have been running Sixth Sense on my own. I've been shooting cosplay models, high fashion shoots, musical events, wrestling, all things I love.

Well after an incredibly awesome time at Anime North in Toronto this year, Joshua Clifford and Michael Lane agreed to join me and make Sixth Sense Photo our cosplay focused company! Hemant Shewnarian also joined us as an associate service providing video expertise....and then a tragedy happened when we were all out. We were out exploring, on what we thought was a path by a waterfall, and Michael slipped and fell to his death. We have been heart broken, shocked, and trying to pick ourselves back up since that moment. But the one thing has been clear. We are not giving up. Michael would be pissed if we didn't continue, to live up to his standards. 

And it is those standards that Sixth Sense Photo will pride itself on, to bring a quality and sense of wonderment to your cosplay work, to lift your work to that next level, as well as helping create something that is completely unique. 

We have big hole in our lives to fill, but we will succeed and Michael will be with us the entire way. 

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