About Stephanie - Sixth Sense Photo

About Stephanie

" The combination of compulsive practice and passion leads to mastery and exceptional achievement." - Sam McNerney.

As an artist, these words are my inspiration and photography is my art. I've always had an interest in photography. Over the last few years my interest has evolved into appreciation, and my appreciation has turned into passion. I love having the ability to freeze a moment in time that you can keep with you forever, remember as if it were yesterday, and relive the way you felt in that exact moment.

Being behind a camera makes you see things differently. When you see a hydro field, you're not just seeing a hydro field. You see lines, light & shadows. Beauty. You pay attention to the wind and the temperature of the breeze blowing by. When you see children playing, you see character in their face, personality in their expressions, and complete joy in their smile. When you watch an athletic event you can see the determination in the athletes eyes, finesse in the way they move, and their passion for doing what they love.

As your photographer, I promise to capture your passions as if they were my own.

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