Sense-ible Learning - A Support Service Tale

Twas the month of Christmas....welcome back everyone! 

So in the last year we've had some crazy news coming out from Adobe. First, the Creative Cloud, the retirement of purchasing store copies of their software, and going into software as a service. The big hacking of their systems, and then the Photographer's Bundle to win us back. 

As some of you know, I work in the educational sector, and Adobe's change to a service model has basically killed educations ability to keep their product in schools. The yearly price has literally TRIPLED because of this change. The big detail was that instead of paying per machine, it has become paying per POTENTIAL user. Schools work off of a few machines to supply a vast number of students, so this model does not work nearly as well as before. 

So awhile back I made a post to Adobe and unfortunately we have heard nothing back and the board I work for is still up in the air as to what we're going to do. This led me to look into investigating Corel. I haven't used Corel Draw or any of their products in years, but I have heard some great things about them. So I download the trial for Corel Draw Graphics Suite X6, which hosts all their applications, and go about looking at something to edit...problem, the DNG comes up completely corrupted. Looks fine in Lightroom, Corel can't read it. 

Ok, so off to support I go. I should be able to get help with a trial right?...After searching they have no help for their trial software, only for those with subscriptions or paid versions...Not a way to support your potential clients!

I post to G+ and to twitter, and get a response! I reply...and wait....message again a few days later, and they get me a reference number for a trouble ticket...You can tell this is not going well. Almost a week after that, I message again wondering what's going on. They reply and say someone will get back to me shortly...again

A day or two later I get in contact with a tech rep via email. Finally!  And here's where things turn around. He's polite, gets some information from me. Some recommendations are off, as we can't apply service packs to trials, and the trial is an older version...which is odd. In the end, he recommends that I try their subscription for a month, as they have a money back guarantee. It's a cool workaround to get me up to the newest version, but still wanted to make sure it was my system or something with the trial version. So I asked if he could check it out, and what do you know, the Trial version has issues with DNG's! It was nice to have someone listen and actually take a suggestion! So this issue has been escalated to engineering and hopefully a working trial will be out for Corel. 

The last good news, Corel's photo only editor, Paintshop Pro X6, the trial does work perfectly. So in the next few days, get ready for some Corel edits!


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