Sense-ible Learning - Abandoned Dreams

Wow, it's been awhile since I posted something on the blog...again. Sorry for the delay everyone, I've been really busy with shoots that don't always pertain to here, and we're all working on learning new skills to help bring your visions to life.

That being said, I had a great time out with Bryan Weiss and Mandy Squires on a random road trip to Hamilton. Mandy is a fitness competitor who won her last competition! And here we are dragging her out to some abandoned building for some creepy fun shots. This trip was also full of some fun lessons. One, if you're going somewhere abandoned, bring tools to help you get in lol....shhh. Two, eat on the way if you can, a lunch or dinner meal can eat up a lot of your time.

Now those are just things to keep in mind when you're going out to shoot. Know your location, and time constraints. Something else I learned. If the lighting is right for a shot at that moment, take it right then. Don't come back to it, don't do others first, get it while the lighting is right. I missed an opportunity of Mandy by a large window with sunlight streaming in. It would have been beautiful, and I thought I'd come back to it...when it wasn't there anymore.

And don't be afraid to ask your models to do something a little odd. Getting them to snarl, or dress up fancy in an abandoned building, both of which Mandy did wonderfully, they may seem odd, but the concepts will come through!

Oh and remember your previous lessons. We didn't get into the location we wanted, checking that out would have been smart. BUT we did make the most of it. 

So there we have it. Dropping into an abandoned place brought out some inspiration and left us with a frightfully good lesson ;) 

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