Sense-ible Learning - Adapting the Shoot

So this past weekend I had a shoot with a friend's 17 year old daughter, Jade. We had a plan for an outdoor/indoor shoot, and with some help from my partners. Now here is where the adventure begins. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances neither Stephanie or Isabel were able to make it. This is why having the 3 of us works so well, 1 of us WILL make it haha. So I'm down two photographers. Ok, I can handled that. So I go and pick up Jade and start driving to the planned location.'s locked up and closed. Public building, no one around. Crap. Alright. I have an idea for the shoot I want, the theme, so we drive around to find another spot that is similar. In the end we end up coming back to where we started, but could only do the outdoor part. So working with some gel flashes, some burst shots, playing around with what we had, we still had fun and managed to come out with some shots.

My lesson? Never give up. Make the most of what you have available. Be adaptable. I tried some fun things and I like the results I have so far, and more importantly, Jade does too, and she had fun! So if things are discouraging, just try it anyways. You might just end up loving what you come up with. 

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