Sense-ible Learning: Commone Sense

 When I started photography, I never wanted to make a business out of it. I was afraid the grind would kill my enjoyment of it, that competing with people for clients would sap my energy, my creativity. And it wasn’t until a spent a very wet afternoon in a truck with Isabel that it dawned on me that maybe with the right people, this could work. Over the next few days we talked and came around to the point of agreeing to try a very loose company. So we started meeting, planning things, and eventually invited Stephanie to join us. We were all very new to the idea, all very scared and unsure, but we’d give it a go. I’m so glad we did as we’ve learned so much about each other, from each other, and with each other. They have been my support through many trials, and tribulations, and shared some of their worst fears with me. I am honoured to be considered a friend to them both ...which makes this next announcement both sad and uplifting at the same time.

Both Isabel and Stephanie are leaving Sixth Sense Photo due to personal reasons. They are not able to commit the time to the company at this point, and need to focus in other places. But despite that, we’ll still be shooting together and having a blast doing it! I’ll still show up with bruises down my arm after I’ve tried to “kill” Stephanie in a multitude of ways (burying her in snow or beating her up with my tripod, etc) So it is with a heartfelt smile that I wish both Stephanie and Isabel the best in the future, but I won’t say goodbye, as I’ll be seeing you both soon!

Thanks for everything you two.


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