Sense-ible Learning - Eerie Sense-ation

Hello and welcome back to Sense-ible Learning! 

A lot has been going on in the recent weeks, so much so that I've neglected my posts,. But I'm back at it! 

This entry is about a trip that was arranged by Bryan Weiss of Day Tripper Photo as a thank you to his past clients. We travelled out to Bowmanville, Ontario to Camp 30, an abandoned prisoner of war (POW) camp from World War II. There was no one there, no guards, complete vacated when we got there. The place such an air of history, as well as an eerie presence with the random things you find in there. 

Before leaving, Bryan walked through a series of safety precautions, ones that should always be adhered to when doing urban exploration. Buddy system, cleaning gear and clothes after, bring communication devices (walkie talkie's, cell phones, etc), and lots of other tidbits. 

We all ended up having a great time exploring the buildings, but many were a bit hesitant as the atmosphere just made you think of what had happened there. For myself, I found that while I had a great time, I didn't find many great photos from the day. But I'd take the experience over the best photos any day. 

And that's one thing I learned that day. You won't always walk away with the best photos every time, but the experiences will leave an impression on you, and you'll learn what to look for the next time. 

And as for my photos that day, I did try to capture some of that atmosphere and eerie sense in my photos, because without that feeling, it's just a picture of a messy room ;)

Thank you for reading and thank you to Bryan once again for a "sense-ational" day


ps: Sorry for all the bad puns haha

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