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Sense-ible Learning - Keeping Balanced

Welcome back to Sense-ible Learning. This past weekend, Stephanie and I joined the Day Tripper Photo crew for a learning experience of our own. The session was on night photography and long exposure "light painting". I put light painting in quotes as we were creating our own light with burning steel wool and a McGuyver'd LED light, thanks to Darren Gahan (who is a great Lightroom instructor in his own right). Over the course of the session, the sense of balancing things was a recurring theme 

This session brought up a few lessons for me. One, dress appropriately for the environment. I was cold, would warm up, but ya, cold mostly. But the end, I went to sit down and felt my back out of joint from being so cold. I am missing my good gloves as well, which doesn't help. Also, balance your time outside with breaks inside. Warm up. It'll make a huge difference. 

A funny aside to this story is that Stephanie and I were talking in between shots and being in the winter mood, I had given her a slight push....and she fell right over into the snow! So be careful and keep good footing while you're out in the snow as well. :P

The other item that needs good balance is your tripod. For long exposures, and on ice, having your tripod stable and properly set is incredibly important. One, try to get your camera's weight centred over the tripod. If you have a level, everything even. Over the holidays I was able to pick up a new tripod from 3 Legged Thing. The one thing I am missing from my old Manfrotto was that I had the spiked feet installed, so on ice I could actually dig it in. if you happen to shoot in the cold a lot, or in nature, I highly recommend getting a set. They will add a sense of security to your tripod

Lastly, when I went to edit my photos, and when people were reviewing at the session, white balance seemed to be an issue. Steel wool burns very red/orange. Some people's photos were coming out with everything red. One of the best reasons to shoot raw is that you can adjust that in post. And don't always go for "correct". Try adjusting the white balance to something that intrigues you, where you do get that sense of "wow". I've been surprised at the changes that are possible just adjusting the white balance. 

Balance is always a good thing in life, and in photography. Don't get caught up only shooting for work, do it for fun. Or think about learning something new. Even though I've started a company or have been doing this for a bit, I still want to learn and take courses. There is no reason to limit yourself by not taking an opportunity to learn more. And as we've seen here, we need to balance our time, ourselves, our equipment, and our editing. Thank you again for reading, and I hope you find your "sense of balance". :)

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