Sense-ible Learning - Look on the Bright Side

Hello again everyone! Happy Holidays. I hope this finds you all well. This past week has been a hectic one for us in Ontario, Canada. We had a flash freeze combined with heavy freezing rain which basically brought down power lines across the GTA. Some people have been without power for an entire week, including one of our own photographers, and a few family members and friends. Through it all people have been very supportive and helping each other out, and to lift spirits , I've been seeing many photographers turning to the beauty that's been made from this unfortunate circumstance. Even those without power have been finding time to break out the camera and make some photos and post...a little tricky yes, but they found a way! 

The lesson here is that when things get serious, or difficult, take the time to find a bright moment in it, or give your head a small rest by doing something you love, and don't forget to share! You never know who may find a smile from your labour of love. 

And I hope you sense the joy I had in making these photos and hopefully they'll bring a smile to your face too!

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