Sense-ible Learning - Model Learning

Welcome back to Sense-ible Learning. This week I wanted to say thanks to a couple of wonderful models, Mandy Squires and Jade Snider. These two have been wonderful in letting me shoot them during the beginning stages of their own career, and also help me learn a few things about working with models in general. 

When working with clients, the most important thing is to make them comfortable, get them relaxed and hopefully everything comes together nicely. When I was shooting Mandy, I also had my friend Hemant (Winter) Shewnarian with me. I was helping him understand how to control lighting and work with his camera settings, as well as give him a chance to work with a model. The funny part was he took to that part naturally. Giving directions, changing ideas. he took command easily. For myself, I have focused so much on making sure they're comfortable, I forget to direct them as needed. Even though I have done shoots before and taken thousands of photos of people, sometimes we have to remember that there is a difference between the normal client and a paid model who is expecting proper directions. So thank you to Jade, Mandy, and Hemant for helping remind me of a very valuable lesson. Until next time, let's just make some sense

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