Sense-ible Learning - Recognition

Welcome back to Sense-ible Learning. This week is a short blog, but a good lesson. Myself, I'm always very hard on myself with my work, as most people are. They say you are your biggest critic, and for me it does hold true. Which is why it is important to listen to feed back from others. Improve any imperfections, pay attention to the details. But also, if you hear praise, take it to heart, know you are improving or even are amazing at something. 

This past week I got a reaffirmation that I am improving. Ross Chevalier provided some kind words about a photo a recently posted. Ross has always been a source or knowledge, and an unknowing mentor. I also know with his experience, he's seen so much, so to be able to a nod from him is something I don't take lightly. 

As well, Photo Mania Canada is a page that collects wonderful work from Canadians and posts them for everyone to see. It's a way to help photographers across the country to find each other and make contact. This week they choose to include one of my photos for the first time. 

So a big thank you to Ross and to Photo Mania Canada for helping me recognize I'm doing it right. 

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