Sense-ible Learning - Something New

Hello everyone! We're back with another Sense-ible Learning post. This past weekend I was once again invited out for a Photo....well we didn't quite walk but a gathering none the less. It was due to the spur of the moment visit by Jeff "Jumping" Moreau. He is an incredible individual who just happens to be an amazing photographer. So through the organizing of Lena Dawood, Ron Clifford, and Hark Nijjar, (all of whom I shot with in the last blog), Bryan Weiss,, James Clifford, Jessielyn CliffordGary Munroe, and myself all gathered at Hark's for a night of indoor and outdoor shooting. 

Going into this night, I did notice the amount of talent everyone had in this group, and even as someone who is in the business, it can be an eye opener. When preparing, I just made sure I came prepared for most situations. I brought my second tripod on a whim, which came in handy for a off camera flash situation. I made sure I had batteries and cleaning clothes, etc. Most importantly, I grabbed something that I had been wanting to use. Two moulds for making spherical ice cubes. Bryan and I have shot a few times together and we were talking about this after, and he mentioned he wanted to bring something new, not to copy what everyone else was doing. In retrospect, this is exactly why I brought the ice cubes. It would be something different. And luckily Bryan supplied the secret ingredient; rubber cement. It's a nice substance for a controlled fire. What surprised me was that even though I had never tried it, everyone was interested and got into the idea. Unfortunately a few missed the chance, but just means we'll be doing it again soon!

So a couple of lessons for me this week. One, if it's not too much of a hassle to bring something, bring it. It may not come in handy, but if you don't bring it, you may regret it. Second, if you want to try something new, go for it. You never know what you'll get or who you'll get joining you, but it'll be worthwhile time!

Till next time


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