Sense-ible Learning - The Walk

Happy Holidays everyone! Welcome back to Sense-ible Learning 2014! 

I ended last year with a great mini adventure. I had a chance photowalk with some amazing people and photographers. Lena "Delinquent" Dawood  is a young photographer from the Toronto area who was kind enough to invite me down to Nathan Phillips Square in downtown Toronto. There, I was able to meet up with Ron Clifford, the Photoshop Show host (and incredibly funny gentleman), his "musical" daughter Bethany Clifford , Hark Nijjar with his "acceptable" tripod, and finally, Rob "Sammy" Elliot. Yes I know, long intro to everyone, but the fun of the walk, the memories in the brief time we had to walk around just made it an amazing time and made me realize how much I enjoy shooting with others like this. When you love doing something, find others with a similar love. Share with them, get to know them, they will help you grow, and you'll help them. 

As for the walk, it was a short time, but we had fun. People were skating at Nathan Phillips Square (NPS), it was still lit up with Christmas decorations, just made for a great time to see so many people having fun. I also got to try out my newest addition, Eric from 3 Legged Thing! It's a tall tripod that is very versatile. Takes some getting used to, but it was fun. From there we walked over to Dundas Square across from the Eaton Center. While at the intersection I watched Ron wait patiently for a street car to come into the scene for him to make an exposure. It was interesting to see how we each waited for each other to get our shots, no rushing around. And great to watch a group of masters just relax and shoot for the enjoyment of just shooting. 

So when you get a chance to meet up with people who love something as much as you do, go on that walk, meet them, talk about your love, talk about anything for the fun of it. I know some people have a hard time meeting new people, so maybe start small and take steps. But do take them as they'll lead you to having experiences you wouldn't otherwise, and learning a whole new world of social sharing. 

Till Next time


PS...if it is an actual photowalk, make sure you post your photos, or someone might come looking for you, as someone did for me haha

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