Sense-ible Learning - What's Going to Work?

Welcome back to Sense-ible Learning! This past week Sixth Sense Photo had the pleasure of working with Bryan Weiss of Day Tripper Photo to do a shoot of a local wrestling promotion, PWE. During this time we had multiple opportunities for learning, as we had a lot of gear, some we had not used before, Isabel's first time shooting wrestling, and the promotion changed the ring setup at the last minute!

So lots went on. First thing first though, communication between everyone is a major thing. We worked out where everyone was assigned, preventing us from running into each other's shots, or getting in the way of the performers. When working with a team, knowing where everyone is, and who is covering what can make it a bit easier as you know you will not need to capture EVERYTHING yourself. 

We also wanted to capture the wrestler's entrance and have found that the lighting was subpar to say the  least. At that time, Bryan set up a side flash to remotely trigger, however shadows were very harsh. Luckily I had brought a Joby Gorillapod with a flash mount. We were able to mount a flash up high to act as a spot light. When you know you have a problem with something, don't be afraid to ask your team.They may have a solution. And ALWAYS bring your accessories. You never know when you'll need them. Clamps, Gorillapods, tools, tape, etc. Bring everything you can because it just might save you. If you don't use it, it was just a few minutes packing and unpacking it. You don't bring it, could prevent you from having an amazing shoot, and leave you with just a good one. 

When you have new equipment to work it, check out the controls and indicators that they are working before you start. We had two GoPro cameras which we couldn't get working, as none of us were super familiar with them, and a Canon video camera which stopped for a couple of the matches.  And this is something I take responsibility for as I was in charge of the Canon. So we find out we're not all perfect. Bryan caught that it had stopped recording at one point and got it going. So when you're working with a team, keep an eye on each other as well. 

In the same way, Isabel had the batteries in her flash run out. I brought a spare set, which she borrowed, and then those ran out. I swapped some from a flash on the stage to hers, and Bryan dropped another set off for me. Again, always watching each other's back and being prepared. 

So team work. It can save you in so many ways, and can make a shoot so much fun. Working with a team can be a nightmare, but remember to communicate, watch to help each other, and remember to be open to answering and asking questions, and it can make a world of difference. It really was one of the best learning experiences I've had. 


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