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The Angel Spice Files

Name: Angel Rock

Membership: Angel Spice

Notes: The "soul" of the band

Bio Angel Rock has always been a bit on the outside. Always experimenting, constantly in the independent music scene, she blends styles. She's also the attitude, and "muscle" of the group, being the one to step up when someone needs to be put in line. Although, she also has a reputation of wild nights in the social scene. She takes her music and partying seriously.

Name: Angelica

Membership: Angel Spice

Notes: Determination

Bio: Angelica is the business mind of Angel Spice. She oversees the band management, all contracts, and performances. She is the one who makes sure things get done. If there is a negotiation that isn't going well, she will personally step in, and there has not been a time it hasn't worked out in Angel Spice's favour. Most who have tried to push her have ended up with less than they originally wanted, if anything at all. For Angelica, it's all business, except when she's on stage with the group. It's the one time she really lets her guard down and just enjoys what she's doing, singing and performing. She is the diva, hitting the power notes, commanding the stage, and yet always building the team, making sure all parts shine. Because like any business, things only get better when everything works together.

Name: Angel

Membership: Angel Spice

Notes: Heart

Bio: Angel is the founding member of Angel Spice. Her quiet demeanor, shy attitude, and "cute looks" hide the passion she holds within. She is honest, respectful, and always listens. Through this, she is able to befriend anyone, which is how she met each of the other members, despite their differences. Angel is also the composer of the group, writing music and lyrics. She understands the strengths of each, Angel Rocks edge, Angel Quinn's upbeat tempo, Angelica's power, and her own soulful sound. Although she can come across as the quiet one of the team, she is the true heart and leader of the group.

Name: Angel Quinn

Membership: Angel Spice

Notes: Brains of the band

Bio: Angel Quinn grew up as a typical geeky girl, reading comics, playing games, and watching anime. Things changed when two things came into her life, programming, and Kpop. She would spend her days learning to code, building 3d models, and working on her own version of Hatsune Miku, the Japanese character created for the Yamaha Voice Synthesizer. At night, she would take this and choreograph routines for her model and "perform" them together. Little did she know this would lead her to a break through as the tech brains and choreographer for Angel Spice. She is the happy face of the group, always bouncing, smiling, and goofing off, but when she zones in on a task, nothing will distract her...unless it's cute or shiney

Name: Angel Spice

Memebers: Angel, Angel Rock, Angelica, Angel Quinn

Bio:  In the recent surge in popularity of kpop music, and the decline of traditional US pop music, Angel Spice is making waves as a powerhouse. Building on their differences and individuality, Angel Spice hits with catchy hooks, and blends with an edginess and soulful power that other bands aren't able to duplicate. Be it the beats or the intricate moves of their performances, people get up and dance and sing with their exotic range of sounds. Many girl bands have existed before, but none yet have had the right mix, or "spice" that these girls have.

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