Sense-ible Learning - 24-11-2013 - Sixth Sense Photo

Sense-ible Learning - 24-11-2013

Hello Everyone. Sorry for the hiatus from the blog, but I have been hard at work on rebuilding my site and launching my partnership with Isabel and Stephanie! This process has been a new experience for us all. A new company, building our site, and all the business decisions that come with that. 

As for today's entry, I just wanted to get back to the photos and learning. This is actually a lesson I picked up from Bryan Weiss. We were at the Toronto Zombie Walk and he was using off camera flash. He found that the red really was overpowering in some shots, so he converted to B&W on some, and came away with something completely different. So  here is my first photo applying his lesson

This is an edited photo. I reduced the red, upped the clarity and added a vignette. It gives it an interesting look, but the colour fights for dominance over the subject. And here is the converted version....

Completely different mood, the wall stands out a lot more, as well as the shadow. So sometimes the lighting may not work the way you intended, but it just might work in a different way 

And hey, let me know which you prefer!

Thanks for reading, and I hope we all made some sense today.


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