Sense-ible Learning - Personal Project

This entry is a little different than my previous ones. This was a personal project I did for a friend, that is completely separate from Sixth Sense Photo. Also, there is a slight mature and controversial concept to this project, which is not of my own, but my friend. She approached me to do this as she knows my love for photography and thinking outside the box with concepts. 

The shoot presented a few firsts for me. This was really one of my first times trying to fulfill someone else's idea though. The shoot itself I learned a lot as it was my first working with a model in an unclothed state (although not seen in the photos). I also used the Bowens Studio lights for the first time. It was also the first time I had to redo my edits multiple times to meet the vision of the original concept. 

This last first was interesting. Originally I just made a few edits that I thought were fitting, which were liked, but not what she had envisioned. She wanted  a very grungy, old school horror movie style. After a few attempts I got more to what she wanted. So these are now up at 500PX (they are listed under mature content, so you will need to login) for all to see. 

Having to meet someone else's vision was definitely a challenge and a treat for me. It forced me into finding new things, looking for a very new style for me. I definitely enjoyed the collaboration, and that's the thing, it was a collaboration, right up to the final posting. 

Thanks to all involved!

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