Sixth Sense Photo Services

Conceptual Portraiture / Stories

I am a storyteller. Some times it's seeing  and capturing the story that is unfolding in front  of  me, what you, the subject is doing, what you love, and  enjoy.  Then  there are the stories we, together can create. We see those model photographs where they have that whimsical girl floating with balloons, or a war zone,  a forest. We see the cosplayers, people who spend time creating costumes of their favourite characters. These sessions are for those who want  more than a pretty picture, who want to tell your story, or create a story. 

Portrait / Portfolio / Headshots

Professional Headshot and portfolio work for models and executives


Adult gatherings, company parties, or other personal or professional events. Important moments in your history should be captured

Please contact me for pricing information


 For prints, please contact me with your inquiry. Many people do not realize how much of a difference paper quality, finishes (matte, lustre, glossy, metal), or going into wall art (metal and canvas prints).

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